Bengals: What's not to like? Well.....


What's not to like about the Bengals 2017 draft?

Impact players: Check

Speed: Check

Athleticism: Check

Help for Andy Dalton and the offense: Check

Help getting after QB: Check

Kicker: Check

Defensive line: Check

Risk and roll of the dice: Oh yea...that's a big ole Check

I give you the 2017 draft

The offense becomes one of the most improved in the NFL with the addition of dynamic skill players. John Ross offers the best speed in the draft. Joe Mixon offers big play potential from the backfield and the potential replacement to Jeremy Hill in 2018.

Ideally the Bengals could have traded down, added a pick and then taken Ross. But you can't dance if you don't have a partner. So they grabbed the speedster at No. 9 overall.

Are there legit concerns about his health? Sure. Yet he didn't miss a game in 2016 and set a combine record in the 40-time, despite the knee issues.

As you know by know, I would not have taken Mixon, but they did. They get fabulous talent value as a would-have-been Top 10 picks slides to them at No. 48, even after a trade and adding another draft pick. They also getting a heaping pile of controversy and the national spotlight shining directly on them. Get ready.

I love adding the previously non-existent element of speed to the offense. I'll take all the weapons they can get for Andy Dalton and Ken Zampese. Good luck to opposing defensive coordinators trying to game plan for Ross, Mixon, A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, Tyler Boyd, Brandon LaFell, Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.

I like size/speed combo of 4th round pick WR Josh Malone. But it seemed out of place and not necessary. How does he fit? Who does he steal a spot from? Does he?

Jordan Willis and Carl Lawson offer tremendous value in the 3rd and 4th rounds and options and depth for getting pressure on the QB. The Bengals let one of the draft's deepest positions come to them, they resisted the urge to chase a pass rusher in the 1st or 2nd round. I like the fact both can play LB. I do note the injuries issues of Lawson while at Auburn. He isn't big and long, but I'll take quick off the edge. Heck, Willis was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.

Ryan Glasnow is a grinder that stops the run and has played with a chip on his shoulder. His selection in the 4th round means the Bengals took three DL in their first six picks. Think they are serious about upgrading and increasing depth there?

The Bengals figure to finish better than tied for 19th in sacks (33) this season.

I love the infusion of youth and energy to that DL rotation with Willis, Lawson, Glasnow and Andrew Billings.

Don't forget the Bengals adding a LB that can drop, cover and run in Oklahoma's Jordan Evans.Can the coaches/scouts actually target, draft and develop a LB?

This wasn't much of an offensive line class, but they grabbed J.J. Dielman of Utah.He plays center and is a big dude at 6'5 309, but he's more of a tackle and has been dogged by injuries. Heck, he's a compensatory flyer pick. Get him and see what you can do with him.

I like anyone that can score a TD six different ways, so I like and I'm intrigued by 6th round Jack of All Trades Brandon Wilson from Houston. He's a converted RB that plays CB, S and special teams. What is he? No idea. Let's find out.

Mason Schreck is a TE from Buffalo with a last name that makes me laugh and think about the movie character.

With so many picks to play with, they were able to pull the lever a bit earlier than usual with 5th rounder Kicker Jake Elliott. He offers a big leg for field goals and kickoffs.

Special teams take a step up with Elliott and Ross and the added depth and speed.

What else? Who else?

I would have liked another offensive lineman. But don't forget Christian Westerman from a year ago.

And realize that they have clear in the fact they are content to go with Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fischer. You may not like that, but the Bengals have made that more than clear.

What do you think of the draft?

Love it

Like it

OK with it

Don't like it it. Mixon keeps me from loving it.

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