Lauren Jauregui Addresses Tiffany Haddish's Fifth Harmony Diss at the VMAs

As always, drama ensued during this year's VMAs, and one of the most talked about moments of the broadcast was when Tiffany Haddish took a jab at Fifth Harmony. While addressing Camila Cabello's five nominations, the comedian took a swing at her former group. "So those of you watching at home, hi Fifth Harmony," she said with a wave. 

After the monologue, Tiffany and Kevin Hart presented the first award of the night to Nicki Minaj, and she had some words. "Don't be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani is that b***h!" she said, looking right at the actress.

Normani didn't hesitate to tweet out a thank you to Nicki for coming to her defense, but what about the group's three other members?

On Tuesday (August 21), Lauren Jauregui addressed the comment on Twitter. 

"Waiting for the day when supporting one successful dope woman does not mean insult to other successful dope women," she wrote, referring to Tiff's comment. "There is energy and space for us all to beautifully coexist and bless the world with our individual truths, stories and talents."

Her tranquil response comes after Camila revealed to Access Hollywood that she and the girls are on good terms during an interview on the VMAs red carpet.

“I feel like we’re in a really good place right now, me and the girls. I saw Normani at the Billboard Awards and we just caught up. I told her I’m super excited for her. I don't remember the last time I've seen the other girls, but I told her to say the same thing to them — there's just been enough time and distance away from the situation that I feel like we're all genuinely in a good place right now. Honestly, there's no time in life for that stuff,” she said. "The internet can be such a toxic place because people love drama and people thrive off of it." 

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