Firefighters Respond To Fire Alarm At Animal Shelter Triggered By A Cat


Boise firefighters feared for the worst when they received a call that a fire alarm had gone off at the Idaho Humane Society. When they arrived, they realized that there was not a fire, and it had been a false alarm.

Once the firefighters gave the all-clear, the staff at the Humane Society began investigating who pulled the alarm and were shocked when they identified the culprit. A stray cat that had been brought in earlier in the day managed to pull the fire alarm in the cat holding room.

"We started delving into why the alarm had gone off and discovered that the alarm had been triggered in a very unique place... the cat holding room," the Humane Society wrote on Facebook. "The offender was a female black and white stray cat that was brought in earlier today; she was hanging out in a rolling cart and our staff was busy cleaning the floors and cat kennels. This sweet feline had been rolled a bit too close to the fire alarm pull and took advantage of this opportunity to hail for an imminent rescue!"

The workers hope that the cat's antics will result in its owners coming to claim her.

Photo: Idaho Humane Society


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