A.J. McCarron to the Texans would make a lot of sense

The Cincinnati Bengals will probably trade A.J. McCarron this offseason. I think there are a bunch of teams that will be interested including the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and others. 

Houston would also be an ideal landing spot for McCarron. They need a competent quarterback. He wouldn't cost them a ton in 2017, so they could keep Brock Osweiler around for one season, before cutting him (his contract is guaranteed for next season). McCarron would have a great defense and good weapons around him. He would be in a position to not only being a starting quarterback in the NFL, but to have a legitimate chance to succeed.

What could the Bengals ask for in return? Well, they're already expected to have 11 draft picks in April's NFL Draft. Why not ask for a player who can help out right away?  The Bengals really liked wide receiver Will Fuller before last year's draft. In fact, analyst Dave Lapham predicted they would draft Fuller in the first round. Instead, Houston picked him. 

Fuller didn't have a stellar rookie campaign, but he still finished with 47 receptions, 635 yards and two touchdowns. He battled nagging injuries all season, but definitely proved he could be a deep threat in the NFL. 

Why would the Texans move on from their former first round pick? Fuller has been plagued by drops throughout his career and will probably never be a number one wide receiver in the NFL. He's a great deep threat, but a franchise quarterback would be much more valuable for Houston than Fuller would be. 

Why would the Bengals trade a potential franchise quarterback for a young wide receiver? To give Andy Dalton the absolute best supporting cast they can, for as long as possible. A trio of A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd and Will Fuller would have the potential to be scary good. 

It was rumored that the Bengals wanted a first round pick for McCarron last season. This is a way for them to indirectly get what they wanted (Fuller was a first round pick) and add a player that they were seriously considering last April. To me, this makes a lot of sense. What do you think? Tweet me your thoughts on this and watch McCarron highlights below. 

James Rapien

James Rapien

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