Great quarterbacks are like makeup, they hide your flaws

Super Bowl LI was a great game, but it was downright boring at times. The Atlanta Falcons were rolling and it looked like New England was going to get embarrassed. The Patriots made the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Tom Brady is the BIGGEST reason they were able to end the game scoring 31-straight points. His offensive line struggled, wide receivers dropped passes, the defense gave up some big runs and even Brady threw a pick-six. 

The Patriots recovered from all of that because Brady played great when it mattered most. That's what great quarterbacks do. There's no one quite like Brady, but there are other great quarterbacks. 

The Bengals have Matt Ryan-lite at quarterback with Andy Dalton. He's a good player. The Bengals should build around him, but they also can't be afraid to draft a quarterback. It's the most important position in sports. I elaborate on this and talk to a former Super Bowl champion about Dalton, the importance of the quarterback position and more below. 


Brady took a shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a new commercial. You can watch that here

James Rapien

James Rapien

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