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Andrew Whitworth, Bengals free agency and more

I'm in for Mo Egger today on ESPN 1530. We'll be covering a wide range of topics including Bengals free agency and the draft. Plus, is there a Reds player who can replace Brandon Phillips as the new fan favorite?

Most assume Andrew Whitworth wants to return to the Bengals. If you were Whitworth, would you come back?

Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus will join me at 3:33 to discuss Bengals' free agency. He wrote about the top 10 offensive players that are expected to hit free agency this offseason. Two Bengals players made the list. You can read that article here

ESPN's Katherine Terrell will join us at 4:04 to discuss the Bengals' free agency strategy. She wrote about their offseason plans earlier this week

NFL draft analyst Joe Goodberry will be on at 4:33 to preview the draft. We're 70 days away from the draft and the Bengals have a lot of areas they need to address. I'll ask Joe who they could potentially take in the first round, what positions they need to upgrade at and more. 

Joe joined me on my daily Bengals podcast to give a comprehensive first round Bengals draft preview. You can listen to that here

It all starts at 3:04. 

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