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It's time for the Bengals to move on from Adam Jones

The New York Jets will release cornerback Darrelle Revis on March 9. Revis' diminishing skills and big money contract are two reasons why the Jets will make this move. Revis is also dealing with legal issues, including a felony charge

The Bengals can relate to this situation with Adam 'Pacman' Jones. He will be 34-years-old in September, he's coming off of a down year and he is dealing with yet another off-the-field issue. 

It's more obvious than ever that the Bengals should move on from Jones. His release would free up roughly $6.3 million in cap space. That would allow them to retain more important players who are in their prime and entering free agency. Dre Kirkpatrick is more important to the Bengals' future than Jones. The same goes for Kevin Zeitler and Andrew Whitworth. The Jets moved on from their aging cornerback who was declining. The Bengals can't be afraid to move on from theirs. 

One of the first things I wrote this offseason was about loyalty. I didn't want the Bengals to be loyal. Even if you disregard the off-the-field issues, a case could be made that the organization should move on. I discussed Jones' status with the Bengals earlier this offseason.

Maybe the team releases Jones and realizes they made a mistake. They could always bring him back a lower rate later this offseason. I'm guessing most NFL teams will shy away from signing him. 

The Minnesota Vikings moved on from Adrian Peterson. The Kansas City Chiefs moved on from Jamaal Charles. The Jets are cutting ties with Revis. The Bengals should do the same with Jones.  

Here's an in-depth look at Bengals' free agency. 

Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com believes they will stand by Jeremy Hill and could lose Kevin Zeitler. 

The Bengals should be interested in free agent Nick Mangold.

Pro Football Focus' latest mock draft would be ideal for the Bengals. 

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