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Bengals, March Madness and More

I'm in for Mo today on ESPN 1530. We have a ton to talk about including the Bengals offseason. If the standard is Super Bowl, then how in the world can anyone be satisfied with the Bengals' approach to free agency? 

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and their retooling for another championship run next season. Look at the moves they've made below. 

The Bengals are falling WAY short if the Patriots are the standard. Cincinnati has signed one free agent that wasn't on the team last season. That player is Andre Smith. He played his first seven seasons with the Bengals, before signing with Minnesota after the 2015 season. 

The Bengals were 6-9-1 in 2016. Where have they gotten better? The Patriots won the Super Bowl. They've improved at cornerback, pass rusher, running back and wide receiver. Surely fans can see the decline in the Bengals talent. Heck, even Carlos Dunlap is wondering what the plan is?

I'll expand on those thoughts and talk to Joe Goodberry about the Bengals' offseason and the NFL Draft at 4:40.

Xavier takes on Maryland tonight. Rick Broering of MusketeerReport.com is going to join us at 3:33 to discuss that matchup. 

Chad Brendel of BearcatJournal.com will also join the show at 4:20 to preview UC's matchup against Kansas State. 

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus will join us at 5:33 to assess the Bengals' offseason so far. He graded every free agent move made up to this point. Check it out here.

The fun starts at 3:04. 

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