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Is A.J. McCarron to the Browns a possibility?

Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com thinks A.J. McCarron to the Browns buzz could heat up starting this week. 

Here's what Hobson wrote on Bengals.com:

"With all coaches and GMs gathered together this week, expect more AJ McCarron-to-the-Browns buzz. It may become rather deafening if Browns head coach Hue Jackson can’t pry Jimmy Garoppolo away from Bill Belichick, his opposite number in New England.

It’s believed trading a backup quarterback within the AFC North to a coach they greatly regard is rather distasteful to Bengals president Mike Brown. But given Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin’s pronouncement earlier this month that the Bengals will listen to anyone, Brown also appears to have a price.

What that is, who knows? There is one trade the Bengals would no doubt pull off with the Browns and that’s swapping their ninth pick in the first round for the Browns’ 12th. This is the draft where everyone but No. 1 wants to move back from five on down."

It sounds like the Browns would have interest in McCarron. That may sound like a given, but it's interesting either way. Could the Bengals trade the 9th pick and McCarron to the Browns for the 12th pick and the 33rd pick? Would that be enough?

If I'm the Bengals, I would ask the Browns for two second round picks for McCarron. Cleveland has two second round picks this year and three next year. If the Bengals want to contend for a playoff spot in 2017, then they need to add talent on the defensive line and the skill positions. Adding another second round pick could be the difference between finding their next starting running back and being stuck settling for an inferior player in a later round. 

Trading McCarron to Cleveland is tricky. They have a very good offensive line and two solid running backs. They have plenty of cap room and draft picks to add talent on defense. They're a decent quarterback away from making a playoff push in the next few years. 

The Bengals don't want to give Hue Jackson a franchise quarterback. If they do, then they have to get equal value in return. Maybe Cincinnati doesn't think McCarron can lead a team. But, if they do, then they should make sure the Browns have to overpay to get him. 

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