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If the Browns want to trade down, the Bengals should consider moving up

The Cincinnati Bengals are in good position to add young talent to their roster. They have 11 picks in the NFL Draft. They also have A.J. McCarron. He wants a chance to be a starting quarterback. I think the Bengals should trade him this offseason. 

The Cleveland Browns could be the perfect fit. The Browns are reportedly interested in former LSU running back Leonard Fournette. Pro Football Talk thinks this could be the Browns way of saying they're open to trading down. 

If the Browns are open to moving down, the Bengals should be interested in moving up. Myles Garrett is expected to be drafted first. He's considered the best player in this draft and would give the Bengals a much-needed upgrade at defensive end. 

Cincinnati could offer McCarron, the ninth pick and a mid-round pick this year, plus next years' first rounder for the number one pick this season and a second round pick next year. The Browns have three second round picks in next years' draft. 

This would give the Bengals a premiere pass rusher that they desperately need. They'd land the best player in the draft and still have nine picks to work with. 

Cleveland may consider it. They need a quarterback. Moving down eight picks would give them a quarterback to build around. Plus, they'd still have two picks in the top twelve of this years' draft and two first round picks next season. 

The Bengals should reach out to the Browns to see if there's any interest. Who knows what the asking price would be? It never hurts to ask. If there's even a remote chance the Bengals could package McCarron and picks for Garrett, they need to consider it. 

Would you be in favor of the Bengals making this move? 

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