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One emailer questions the Bengals' draft philosophy

Do you question the Bengals' draft philosophy? One emailer does. Derek believes the Bengals should draft wide receiver John Ross. Check out his email below. 

"A part of the reason that the Bengals have been “down” for all these years is that “their” draft board doesn’t accurately represent true ability.  If you don’t value something, then it will ALWAYS get a lower grade, then this team won’t benefit, from it, because another team will see/take the value.

It is the absolute height of ignorance to think, let’s not take this guy, because of his knees … ever heard of Munoz.  Let’s not take this guy, because he’s too little … see Jackson, Hill.

John Ross will be a difference make … as the Bengals yawn and pick some defender who won’t be on the field for even 50% of the defensive plays, in 2017.  John Ross INSTANTLY would be the number 2 WR on the Bengals AND no reason not to play at least 75% of the offensive plays.

 Oh, by the way, I hear he ain’t too bad at the return game."

I think the Bengals should take Ross or Corey Davis with their ninth pick. I don't agree with everything in that email, but Ross would give the Bengals something they haven't had in a long time. He can run deep routes, but is also great with the ball in his hands. They need a wide receiver who can turn a seven-yard slant into a 70-yard touchdown. 

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