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It's okay to have differing opinions about Joe Mixon

I wrote about Joe Mixon earlier this week. The Bengals picking him makes a lot of sense from a football perspective. He has all the tools and skills necessary to be a very good NFL player. 

His talent doesn't change what he did a few years ago. He punched a woman in the face and broke her jaw. You don't have to forgive him for that. You can hate the Bengals for picking him. You can also be excited about what he brings to the team from a football standpoint. There is no right or wrong way to feel about the Bengals picking Mixon. 

I elaborate on this and you'll hear from Marvin Lewis on Mixon in the Locked on Bengals podcast below. 

I wrote about what Mixon brings to the Bengals from a football standpoint here

We talked to John Ross on Thursday night.

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