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This may be the worst take of the year (so far)

Vinny Iyer of the Sporting News isn't a fan of what the Bengals did in the draft. That's fine, he's entitled to his own opinion. As bad as the D- grade is, his explanation was much worse. Check out what he wrote about the Bengals draft below.

"The best thing to say about the rebuilding Bengals is that Glasgow is a good value ... out of 11 picks. Ross was a reach, and Lawson was a free-faller. Both come in with durability issues. Willis is better suited to be a 3-4 edge rusher. They didn’t need a second wideout in Malone, either, and Elliott was taken too early.

About Mixon: For a non-glaring need because of Jeremy Hill and a recovering Giovani Bernard, he’s not worth that kind of backfield risk in the second round. The backlash is bound to make that pick backfire. Between Mixon, Adam Jones and Vontaze Burfict, the Bengals are unrelenting in ignoring controversy."

I agree picking Ryan Glasgow in round five is good value. But, Jordan Willis and Carl Lawson were good value picks as well. John Ross has an injury history, but he has something no one else had in this draft: elite speed and ball tracking skills. Anyone who's watched the Bengals' running game over the past two seasons has season Jeremy Hill's decline first hand. Couple that with Giovani Bernard's torn ACL and it's pretty clear why they drafted Joe Mixon. 

I may be higher on this draft than most, but this might be the worst take of the year (so far). I don't say this often, but Mo Egger is right, draft grades are dumb. 

Mo Egger and I discussed  the Bengals' draft.

Here's a pick-by-pick breakdown of the Bengals' draft. 

There is no correct way to feel about the Bengals picking Joe Mixon.

I wrote about what Mixon brings to the Bengals from a football standpoint here

We talked to John Ross on Thursday night.

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