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Is this Bengals fan delusional or right about John Ross?

NFL Draft

Are you happy the Bengals picked John Ross in the first round? One fan believes the team made a mistake. After reading this article about Cody Core's offseason, John Fischer reached out to me on Twitter. 

There's no doubt Core can be a 'solid' wide receiver. The Bengals didn't draft Ross to be solid. They drafted him to be the game changer he was in college. He's the fastest player in the NFL, has good hands and is a great route runner. I also think the ninth pick in the draft (Ross) has more upside than former sixth round pick (Core). Nate Graham disagrees. 

This post isn't about ripping Core. He can have a very successful NFL career. He is a nice piece that could help the Bengals this season. This is about Ross. Ross brings an elite trait that not many wide receivers have. Fans can downplay his ability, but speed can't be taught. Opposing defensive coordinators will have to worry about Ross. They'll have to include him in their gameplan. I elaborate on this in the Locked on Bengals podcast below. 

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