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Arroyo may be finished, but this isn't a sad ending

Los Angeles Dodgers v Cincinnati Reds

We may have seen the last of Bronson Arroyo. He only lasted three innings today and gave up five runs. Arroyo's had his fair share of struggles this season, but I'll never understand Reds fans who rip him. 

Arroyo rehabbed for over two years to get back on the field. He's 40-years-old. Hell, the Reds were 7-7 when he started this season. Yes, he struggled, but that doesn't make his comeback any less remarkable. 

I've also seen fans talk about how sad it is to watch Arroyo struggle. I disagree with them. Arroyo got what most athletes don't get: closure. I elaborate on this and you hear from Arroyo in the podcast below. 

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