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Corey Dillon is right about the Hall of Fame

Corey Dillon is one of the greatest players in Bengals' history. Cincinnati.com talked with Dillon recently about his time with the Bengals. 

A lot of Cincinnati fans remember Dillon being critical of the Bengals organization during the seven-years he spent in The Queen City. When I think of Dillon, I think of rushing records and the only reason the Bengals were worth watching between 1998-2002. 

He started his career with six-straight 1,000 yard rushing seasons. Teams new he was getting the ball. Teams new they would beat the Bengals if they stopped Dillon. They couldn't. I was talking with Mo Egger about this earlier today and he mentioned how often the Bengals were behind in the second half. Dillon didn't get as many carries because of it. 

He is the best running back in Bengals' history. Will he get into the Hall of Fame? I'm not sure. I do know he has more rushing yards than O.J. Simpson. He averaged more yards-per-carry (4.3) than Marcus Allen (4.1). Dillon had seven 1,000 yard rushing seasons, while Allen only topped 1,000 yards three times. Dillon averaged 74.9 yards-per-game, meanwhile Allen averaged 55.1 yards-per-game. Simpson and Allen are both in the Hall of Fame. Dillon won a Super Bowl with New England. 

Dillon's more than qualified to be a Hall of Famer. I elaborate on this topic on the Locked on Bengals podcast below. 

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