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One hilarious voicemail and my hot takes of the week

My dentist office called me to confirm an appointment and the voicemail they left was hilarious. Mo and I discuss what happened to the lady who called me and I give hot takes on Lonzo Ball, LeBron James and Conor McGregor below. 

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Corey Dillon should be in the Hall of Fame.

This is the best debate I've ever watched.  

The NFL offseason could be more interesting if they change this one thing. 

Joe Mixon is the best back the Bengals have had since Corey Dillon

Joe Mixon worked out with Adrian Peterson

Dave Lapham joined me to discuss the Bengals' offseason.

Here are three free agents the Bengals should consider signing. 

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John Ross and Joe Mixon talk about minicamp, the offseason and more. 

William Jackson III talks about his health, Adam Jones and more. 

One national writer believes the Bengals could move on from Andy Dalton. 

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