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Lapham on Ross’ potential return: “It would help on a lot of levels”

Bengals broadcaster Dave Lapham has forgotten more about football than you or I know. He co-hosts ‘Bengals-line’ on 700 WLW in Cincinnati every Monday during the Bengals season with Lance McAlister. Lapham thinks highly of rookie wide receiver John Ross.

“He’s very smart,” Lapham told McAlister on Monday. “Coach Urban was impressed with his football intelligence and felt like they could move him to X receiver which is split-end, or Z flanker off of the line of scrimmage a little bit or in the slot.”

I’ve been in Ross’ corner since the Bengals used the 9th overall pick on him. Lapham also brought up two more points worth mentioning. He believes Ross’ return “would help get people out of the box in the running game.” Lapham later compared Ross to Martavis Bryant.

“There’s no doubt he will give them a dimension just like ‘Martavis’ Bryant gives the Steelers.”

Listen to all of Lapham’s comments about Ross below.

Mo and I debated the impact John Ross could have on Cincy 3:60.

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If you missed an episode of Cincy 3:60, you can listen to it here.

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