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Three thoughts on the Bengals' loss to the Steelers

1. Joe Mixon is right.

Say what you want about a rookie saying he needs more touches, but Mixon needed more than seven carries against the Steelers. He averaged 6.9 yards-per-carry in the first half. He didn't get a carry in the second half. I don't blame Mixon for voicing his frustrations. I hope Marvin Lewis and Bill Lazor were listening. 

*You can watch Mixon's comments at the bottom of the page. 

2. Andy Dalton needs a backbone.

Dalton is a veteran quarterback who threw to A.J. Green once in the second half. Then, he said "There are other guys that are deserving of the ball." I agree with that statement. Mixon deserved the ball. Until John Ross is healthy, it should be the Green and Mixon show with Giovani Bernard sprinkled in. Dalton should take command if Lewis and Lazor won't make the right decision.

3. I'm tired of hearing about the offensive line costing this team.

The line was the BIGGEST concern of the offseason. They were competent for most of yesterday's game and only got beat when the Steelers knew the Bengals HAD to pass the ball. This team lost yesterday for a variety of reasons including quarterback, their defensive line, play-calling, coaching, etc. I'd put ALL of those ahead of the offensive line if I'm making a 'Reasons why the Bengals lost to the Steelers' list. 

One BRIGHT spot from Sunday was William Jackson III. He was GREAT and should start the rest of the season. He went toe-to-toe with Antonio Brown and company and had three passes defensed. He has the potential to be an elite NFL cornerback. 

I elaborate on the loss to the Steelers on the Locked on Bengals podcast below: 

For fans needing a 'pick me up' and a reason to laugh, check out the video I tweeted out below. If you need someone to introduce your child to N.W.A, I got you covered.

Mixon was honest with the media. Why didn't he get the ball more? I have NO CLUE. Watch his comments below. 

I rant about the Bengals' loss to the Steelers here.

Thoughts on Marvin, Mixon and Green.

WATCH: Steelers fans were fighting other Steelers fans on Sunday. 

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