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I'm sure most Bengals fans can sympathize with this

Zim is one of, if not the BIGGEST Bengals fan I know. He's called into ESPN 1530 multiple times and I've talked to him about the Bengals, the direction of the team and more.

Zim was on board with the Bengals picking John Ross. And, as many of you know, so was I. 

Earlier today, Marvin Lewis said Ross let Andy Dalton, the rest of his teammates and coaches down when he stopped on his route on Sunday against the Titans. Ross was in for six snaps. 

Oddly enough, Zim posted about Lewis' handling of Ross earlier today on his Instagram account. Watch his video below. 

The blood and crip comment was hilarious. A lot of you probably feel the same way Zim does. Who knows if Ross will contribute this season? I do know the excuses are wearing thin. 

I'm not sure any of us can stand more screen passes to Brandon LaFell or jet sweeps to Alex Erickson.

For more on the Bengals, including Ross, listen to the Locked on Bengals podcast below. 

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Watch me take the one chip challenge here. 

Three thoughts on the Bengals' loss to the Titans.

Joey Votto is underappreciated? Who knew?

Is Oakley the favorite for FC Cincinnati's new stadium?

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