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Is Lewis here to stay?

Marvin Lewis left us with more questions than answers following today's news conference at Paul Brown Stadium. 

Will he be back in 2018? Did he ask Mike Brown for more control over the roster? 

Here's one thing I'm certain of: I should've trusted my instincts when it came to Lewis' potential return. Back in November I discussed Lewis' future and outlined a path for his return next season. You can listen to that below. 

I continued to hear that Lewis' return was unlikely. Then, Adam Schefter reported that he was going to explore other options. 

I drank the Kool-Aid instead of trusting my instincts. You can listen to today's news conference and Chick Ludwig and I reacting to it below. 

T.J. Houshmandzadeh wants to work with John Ross.

Lapham discusses Marvin, Mike Brown and more.

The 2017 Cleveland Browns summed up in one play.

WATCH - The Twelve Days of Christmas: Bengals Edition

The BIGGEST 'What-If's' of the Marvin Lewis era.

I was a guest on the Bengals Beat Podcast.

Report: The Bengals could replace Marvin with a coach on the current staff. 

Here are 10 coaches the Bengals could consider hiring to replace Marvin Lewis. 

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