Sunday mailbag – Fans discuss their expectations for the 2018 season

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Opening Day is just four days away. The 2018 Reds will certainly be interesting, but will they be any good? I asked for your predictions for the 2018 season. Here are some of the emails I received from Reds fans:

“Been following your locked on reds pod, really enjoying how you ask the tough questions fans don’t always want to hear. I’ve got the Reds right around .500. Remember all these “rookies” got an MLB cup of coffee last year. Some went well and some not so well, but this is the first time I can remember where there is ongoing competition at multiple position groups. The Reds are in position to move down the ranks if a guy isn’t getting it done. I like this and think it makes the team better faster. Also, I think we need to move on in center field. A .125 average in spring in my opinion gives no reason he (Billy Hamilton) should get more MLB time. Get us a bucket of baseballs and be done with it.” – Chris Cotton

Chris, I appreciate the email. Thank you for listening to the podcast. I agree with you that Hamilton’s days of being an everyday player are numbered – barring some unforeseen improvement, it feels like Jesse Winker is in prime position to hit lead off. I believe the Reds could win 81 games and be .500 this season like you predict, but EVERYTHING would have to go right. Homer Bailey would need to stay healthy and pitch like he did in 2013. Luis Castillo would need to build on what he did last season and prove that he is their future ace. The rest of the starting staff would have to stay healthy and players like Jose Peraza and Scooter Gennett will have to show they can be counted on every day. There are too many “if’s” in that equation for me, but I hope they exceed my expectations.

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