Emailer wonders about criticism of Bengals vs Reds

A pass for the Reds?

I received this email from a listener this morning. The topic was also raised in a tweet I got from another listener last week.

I figured this could be worthy of discussion tonight on Sports Talk. It's a topic that seems to pop up on a fairly regular basis around here.


I've lived in Cincinnati since November of 1990. I missed the last championship for the city by a month. Just my luck. Over the years, I've become a fan of the Reds and Bengals and suffered through many losing seasons and certainly experienced playoff heartbreak. I heard you mention on your show that the Reds have had 16 losing seasons in the last 19 years. I was stunned. I could not believe that was true. But I looked it up and it is in fact true. That's a staggering stat. I turn to you for this question: It seems like optimism usually runs high for the Reds, from fans to media. Yet it seems negativity usually runs high for the Bengals, from fans to media. It seems like the Reds get a pass for their utility, while fans and media want to pack the moving van for the Bengals and escort them out of town for their futility.

Winning seasons since 1990: Bengals (7), Reds (8). The Bengals have made the playoffs seven times since 2005. The Reds have made the playoffs four times since 1990. The Bengals made the playoffs five consecutive seasons from 2011-2015. I believe the Reds have made the playoffs in back-to-back seasons just four times in their 150 years of operation and never more than two years in a row.

Am I off base on wondering if/why the Reds get a pass and the Bengals get hammered?

Thanks for your show!

Michael M

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