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Our updated list of brewery visits....48 down, 2 to go

Update: Our area brewery visits

Kelly and I have developed a shared hobby: We enjoy discovering breweries and taking in the experiences. Call them mini-adventures.

This all started with a trip to Asheville, NC, the brewery capital of America. With the 'brewery boom' around Greater Cincinnati/NKY, visiting breweries became a natural extension for us.

Now..... we aren't big beer drinkers. For the record, my last hangover was 1994. It resulted from my going away party from CLTV in Chicago. It was that next morning that I swore I'd never, ever, experience another hangover. We are beer.... samplers. We enjoy sampling different beers. Each brewery visit usually consists of ordering one flight for each of us. Most flights are four 4 oz pours. On occasion we might get crazy and split a second flight. We usually hit locations on the weekends, in that crowd sweet spot of late afternoon/early evening. Man, we are getting old. We've gone wild and occasionally visited on a weeknight.

We live in NKY, in Independence. Our travel range is generally about 45-minutes to an hour, on the outer limits.

Kelly might be considered a ringer for all of this. She works at Wild Flavors, one of the world's leading producers of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. She's a sensory panelist. Her job is tasting various food and drinks and offering feedback. I like to see if I can taste the ingredients that her palate identifies in various beers. I'm an IPA guy. Kelly likes more of the stouts and sours.


Here is our running list of breweries visited (48): 
Alexandria Brewing Company​
Bad Tom Smith Brewing
Braxton/Braxton Barrel House
Big Ash​
The Common Beer Company
Dead Low​
​Dog Berry​
Fifty West​
Humble Monk Brewing
Little Miami​ Brewing
​Mad Tree
March First
Mt. Carmel​
Municipal Brew Works
Narrow Path
Paradise Brewing,
Nine Giant
Northern Row
OTR Stillhouse
Rebel Mettle​
Sam Adams Taproom
16 Lots
Swine City
Taft’s Ale House​
Third Eye
13 Below
Urban Artifact
Warped Wing Mason
West Side
Wooden Cask


Favorite beers:

Bad Tom Smith Brewing: Breathitt County Blonde Ale, BTS Brown Ale, Wicked Sheryl's Blush Pale Ale, 13 Preachers Marzen Lager, 1895 Strong Ale.

Big Ash: Backbeat Coffee Blonde

Braxton: Roadtrip

BrewDog: Elvis Juice

Brink: Berry Wheat, Damocles

The Common Beer Company: Abracasabro

Esoteric: Kalima Coffee Cream Ale, Celestial, Virtue, Lotus and Ethereal

Fibonacci: Tollhouse. Linalool

Figleaf: Maple Wee Easy Scotch Ale, Peanut Butter Amber, Heart Shaped Box Stout, Blood Orange Iso Trope IPA

Fretboard: Fungee, Reba, It's Your Thing, Bootsy

HighGrain: Super Trouper

Humble Monk Brewing Pancake Porter, Peaceful Pear, Krampus Krumps

Listermann: Maple Chickow, Nutcase

MadTree: Churro, Peaches and MeMe

MPH: Who’s Your Nana? Napoleon’s Revenge, Key Lime Pie Nitro and Peanut Butter Milk Stout, selections from Left Hand Brewing, their partner from Colorado.

Municipal Brew Works: Orange Agave Blonde, True West, Free City Ale

Narrow Path: Rouge Infusion, Partially Redacted, Guabanero, Brews Traveler, Coconut Porter, Flatwoods...

Nine Giant: Save Ferris and Popscene

Northern Row: Tobogganer, Brambler, Preacher

OTR Stillhouse: Very Cherry Cocoa Larry, Westy, OH Bee-have.

Paradise Brewing: Blueberry Kolsch, Pitch Off Pale Ale, You Vicious Brute

16 Lots: Fluffer Nutter, Cherry Wheat

Sonder: You Betcha!, Otto

Streetside: P.U.C It

Swine City Brewing: Strictly On Account, Rye Did I Do This? Life After Brunch

Third Eye: Subconscious Haze, Eye-cing on the Cake

13 Below: Wedding Day, Rail & River and Submerged

Warped Wing Mason: Panama Red Smoked Red Lager, Rum Barrel Aged Flying Heads, Hydro Haze

Wiedemann's: Blood Orange Blonde, Mango Hefeweizen, Summertime Lime

West Side: Smoked G.I.L. Wow. One of best and most unique we've had + Barleywine, Blood Orange Common, Tart Cherry Farmhouse, Session IPA.


Favorite Foods: (We have not eaten at all of the breweries visited)

ABC Brewing: Flatbread (Smoke N Feathers)

Bad Tom Smith Brewing: Vampire Slayer pizza, Roasted cauliflower bites/honey garlic

Bircus: Wood-fired pizza (Funghi)

Esoteric: Wings and tenders from Decibel Korean Chicken.

Grainworks: Chicken cheesesteak sub (Legasea East Coast Subs Food Truck)

HighGrain: Roasted Cauliflower

OTR Stillhouse: Chicken and tenderloin skewers.

Mt. Carmel Brewing: Smoked Chicken Wings

MPH: Wood fired 11-inch Spinach and Bacon pizza. Appetizer: House made Smoked Barrel House Chili chips & salsa. Spectacular. ($5)

Municipal Brew Works: Tasties on The Go food truck has killer quesadillas and wings.

Narrow Path: J's Fish Tacos truck! Excellent bowls and shrimp tacos.

Nine Giant: Fried Chicken & Biscuit and Hot Italian Hoagie

Northern Row: Pot Roast Sandwich

16 Lots: New Potato Caboose Pizza from Mad Monks (Inside)

Third Eye: Burger (Mind Bender), Chicken and sausage gumbo

13 Below: Incline Smoke Shack, Pulled pork egg rolls, Smoked Turkey Sandwich, Smoked Philly

Warped Wing Mason: BBQ brisket quesadillas and Smoked chicken sandwich

West Side: Steak it Eazy food truck: Ribeye sandwich, steak tips/mac & cheese and side of grilled/sauteed vegetables.

Woodburn Brewing: Momotaro Peach IPA 5, Valravn Chocolate Cherry Stout, Solo Blonde Ale, Encantado, Square Pants Wheat

Wooden Cask: Chicken quesadillas

Let me know if you have a brewery we should check out and what you recommend:


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