Three Things: The Reds Need A Gene And A Kevin

Every day there are three things, none worth devoting an individual post to, but each worth at least mentioning. 

I wrote a 3,000-word blog on the Crosstown Shootout, if you have some time carved out, that you can read here.  

1) The Reds.  The person who engraves the National League Championship trophy can go ahead and get to work, because the Reds have signed Scott Feldman

If, when you hear the name "Feldman," you don't instantly think of Elaine's new friends from "Bizarro Jerry," then I'd really prefer that you not come here anymore.


They wanted a veteran starter.  They needed a veteran starter, I guess.  They have their veteran starter.  Now they just need a Gene and a Kevin.

They could add a Bronson...


Buster goes on to add that any concrete agreement between the Reds and their former staff stalwart would be a minor league deal, the kind of low-risk move every team will make in the coming weeks.

I don't know what Bronson has left in the tank, but I do know that I'd like to see him end his career with something more befitting of how good its been, whether it's here or somewhere else.

2) Marvin Lewis.  He talked at the Senior Bowl to Jim Owczarski (who joined us on Tuesday) about a couple of different things...

Lewis, 58, will be entering his 15th season with the Bengals in 2017 and told The Enquirer on Wednesday he feels good and would love to continue to chase the organization’s first championship beyond just this coming season.

“We’d like to agree to something at some point,” Lewis said about a desire to receive a contract extension. “It puts, I think, everybody’s mind at ease going forward for their futures. A lot of the people in the building, it makes it easier on them.”

Lewis and Bengals owner and president Mike Brown work together on Lewis’ contract, and extensions have often been announced in April.

That answer seems like it could've been pulled from every Senior Bowl week Marvin quote over the past few years.  He clearly would like to achieve some added security for his staff, and being under contract for 2018 wouldn't necessarily preclude the Bengals from moving on from him after this coming season, but what he says sure does fly in the face of the "lame duck" speculation that's we've heard for weeks, and it throws some water on the belief that he's ready to move on (or up) to something else. 

I'd be more than okay with the Bengals moving on from Marvin Lewis, and I'd be cool with him at least being held to the standard of "do better, or else," this upcoming season, but the Bengals don't make rash decisions based on what they perceive to be anomalies.  

We're going to be talking about Marvin Lewis getting contract extensions until he decides he no longer wants one.

Then, this...

When asked if there was an update on the status of cornerback Adam Jones, who was arrested on Jan. 3 and faces several charges, Lewis deferred to the organization to say "it's not my comment to make." On Friday the club issued an apology "to the public and to our loyal fans."

I'm like most in wanting Adam Jones to be gone yesterday.  I do think that statement the Bengals made on Monday night is a sign that he's not going to survive this. I don't think it's as cut and dry for any NFL team when they want to cut a guy mere weeks after the season ends.

In regards to Adam, let's not pretend there's no football/financial component here. He's approaching 34 years-old, coming off a 2016 that wasn't close to as good as his 2015, he makes a significant salary, and the Bengals have younger, better, less headache-inducing players they want to re-sign.  My guy James Rapien put it best yesterday....

Would you trade Adam Jones for Kevin Zeitler? Or Andrew Whitworth?  Or Dre Kirkpatrick?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

3) The Knicks.  You root for the Reds and Bengals.  I root for the Reds, Bengals, and this dumpster fire of a franchise.

I continue to be punished for a choice I made when I was six.  

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