The Cat Made Me Do This.

I'm off work today, but the powers-that-be still like it when my little corner of the web is populated, and so I decided to carve out some time to bang out an entry with my sports opinions of the day. 

Then, this happened. 

This is our cat, Kobe.  He and our dog, Cooper, usually join me in my home office whenever I pull myself off the couch to go do some work.  This morning, though, I feel like Kobe was sending me a message:

Dude, it's your off day.

I like where his head is.  

My head is somewhere else too.  On Columbus for a day of Arena district beer-slinging and a Jackets game against the Penguins tonight, on UC hoops and Winter Beerfest tomorrow, on a cigar somewhere that will let me smoke one on Sunday.  The temps this weekend will be in the 60s, good things are happening, and to be completely honest with you, I have nothing to say.

To fill the void, here are some blog entries from the past.  They might not be particularly good, they're probably filled with errors, and time may have proved certain opinions to be wrong, but I enjoyed doing all of them.

Read them, and have a pleasant weekend.

The 1992 UC Bearcats Are THAT Team. An homage to the 1992 Bearcats, which also outlines how and why I became a UC fan.

Xavier Basketball Needs To Make A Change. XU needs to go retro permanently. 

The 2016 Cincinnati Sports Year In Review. A lot of stuff happened in 2016. Chances are, you tried to forget most of it.  I'll help you remember.

What Homer Bailey Didn't Say. Homer popped off late last summer.  I tried to help him with what he should've said. 

Want The Reds To Win Soon-ish? Then You Don't Want Them To Trade Joey Votto. I've backed off of this a little, but just a little. 

The Tommy Tuberville Era Peaked On Day One. Putting a bow on the Tubs era, which might be most remembered for its first day.

DONALD TRUMP'S RUNNING MATE IS TOTALLY IN THE DARK. This is not about politics. I promise. 

The Era Of Super-Teams Is The Era We've Always Wanted. A reaction to Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors.  

Disgust. A reaction to the Bengals playoff meltdown against the Steelers.

25 For 25: Ranking The 25 Most Heartbreaking Cincinnati Sports Moments Of The Last 25 Years. Actually, you may want to skip this one. 

I'd Like To See Mick Cronin Finish What He Started At UC. When Mick was flirting with UNLV, I wanted him to stay.

The Bengals Need To Win For Me. Before most playoff games, I hit up the angle about how much a Bengals win would mean for the city. Before their most recent postseason tilt, I made the case for why they needed to win for me. 

Why Joey Votto Will Get Voted Into The Hall Of Fame. Laugh now, then tell me that I was right in 2031. 

Here's My Story About Being Kicked Out Of An NKU Game By One Of The Refs. Not my proudest moment.

The Reds Aren't Tanking. I don't think you can accuse them of trying to lose. 

When's Our Turn? A response - written very, very early on a Saturday morning after, um, some commiserating with friends - to UC's loss in last year's NCAA Tournament. 

I Wish Pete Rose Would Tell Major League Baseball To Stick It. Pete came back to be inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame. What I wish he would've told Major League Baseball to do with that honor. 

Jay Bruce Has Been A Damn Good Cincinnati Red. A reaction to his trade to the Mets.

I'm back at it, on air and online, Monday.  Have a pleasant weekend.  

Mo Egger

Mo Egger

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