The Mo Egger Show For 3/15/17: A Preview

Join me this afternoon, starting at 3:05, on ESPN1530. You can listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here.

I'm amazingly short on time before the show. 

We are loaded with guests...

3:20 - Terry Nelson

3:33 - Byron Larkin

3:45 - Rob Pizzola, Prediction Machine

4:05 - @BarstoolReags, a man who watches more college hoops than anyone.

4:33 - Rocky Boiman

5:10 - Mike Pratt, Big Blue Sports Network

5:20 - Mike DeCourcy

5:45 - John Brannen

Other stuff...

The Bengals and the lowering of the standard.

My NCAA Tournament picks.

Would you play in a tournament pool for no money?

Join us today at 3:05 on ESPN1530.

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