Three Things: Bronson, Pacman, And TAKE THAT FOR DATA!

Every day there are three things, none worth devoting an individual post to, but each worth at least mentioning. 

1) Go get 'em , Bronson. For a team that has a lot of moving parts, during a season that's so-far been very compelling and packed with players and things worth talking about, we've sure spent a lot of time on a 40 year-old pitcher that's not a part of the future.

I'm as guilty as anyone.

Depending on how he pitches tonight against the Orioles, we'll either continue to wonder when the plug will be pulled on the Arroyo comeback (he'll pull it before the Reds do) or we'll wonder if one quality start will only serve to delay the inevitable.

Here's what I'm going to do: 

I'm going to watch Bronson pitch tonight as if it's the last chance I'll get to see him. If he gets his head kicked in, then he gets his head kicked in.  I won't think anything less of the pitcher or the team for giving him a chance to go out on his terms.  If he pitches well, then I'll savor a chance to see him pitch well, and I'll think back to what it was like when he and the Reds were both at their best, and I probably won't make any more of it. 

Both the Reds and Bronson are prepared for the possibility that it might be time to move on, and if he struggles again tonight, then they will have inched closer to an end to the comeback.  If he succeeds, well then, enjoy his success.

2) Adam Jones and the Bengals.  I wrote about Adam already this morning, if you care.  Here's my thing with what happened yesterday....

Ever been around a kid whose parents never punish them? The kid behaves poorly because, being free of any kind of consequence, they know their behavior will go unpunished. That's what Adam Jones does. They bring him back after every on-field incident, they enable him when he acts like a jackass on the field, and when pressed about their willingness to continually tolerate Adam Jones, they basically excuse and rationalize his actions.

He does what he does because he knows he can get away with it.  It's not on Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown that Adam acted the way he did toward Joe Danneman.  It is their fault that he's allowed to act the way he does without consequence.

3) This is how you gripe.  There were two NBA Playoff games last night. Indy fell behind Cleveland 2-0 because they don't have enough reliable pieces to take advantage of the Cavaliers' shaky defense.  Also, holy shit the East is bad.

In the west, San Antonio went up 2-0 on Memphis, mainly because the Spurs have the guy who should be  the NBA MVP, and because the Grizzlies start two players who were undrafted and a guy who's older than me.  That didn't stop Memphis head coach David Fizdale from one of the better postgame rants you'll see...


Was he right?  Eh. His team isn't nearly as talented to beat a high-level San Antonio team that has one of the most efficient players in the league, led by the best coach in the sport, and rarely was there a call or non-call in game two that made me make the kind of face I make when there's a bad call or non-call in a game I have no emotional investment in.

But I do love the rant, in part because we've all been David Fizdale, and in part because "TAKE THAT FOR DATA" is going to be a permanent part of my lingo.

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