The Mo Egger Show For 4/28/17: A Preview.

Join me this afternoon, starting at 3:05, on ESPN1530. You can listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here.


3:10 - John Ross, new Bengals wide receiever

3:20 - Dave Lapham

3:42 - Matt Harmon, wrote an exceptionally in-depth piece about John Ross

4:42 - Chris Crocker, the former Bengal on the draft and his new company

5:20 - Bob Rondeau, the voice of the Washington Huskies


Marvin Lewis, Bengals Wide Receivers coach James Urban, and John Ross' introductory press conference at 4:00.


How the Bengals got better last night.

What they might do in rounds two through seven.

AJ McCarron and the Browns. What would you do if you were the Bengals?

The silliness of the "yeah, but they have no one to block for Andy" argument.

Would you have dated me in high school?


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