Three Things: My Kid And Homer Bailey Both Did The Same Thing Last Night.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

OK, not every single day, because I didn't do this the last two days, and with a four-day weekend ahead, it's doubtful that I do this until the middle of next week.  Alas....

1) From 43.20 to 27.00. My fiancee and I took our daughter Crosley to her first game last night. She'll have this hanging in her room until she's at least 18...


Like the Reds, she slept through the first two innings, then like Homer Bailey, she crapped herself in the third.

We were able to clean up Crosley's mess. Unfortunately, Homer's stuck, and the Reds ended up getting destroyed by the Brewers.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that Homer's 2017 ERA slid from 43.20 to a mere 27.00 with his three innings of work. 

Homer will - understandably - be given every chance to work his way back and achieve some level of success. His contract - which so far has been a disaster - isn't going anywhere, and so neither is he. There's a long list of pitchers who've been rocked when they returned from the DL, only to eventually find some level of success. I hope that happens with Homer. 

I'm fearful that it won't.

Here's a family photo.


2) FC Cincinnati and Major League Soccer.  After Wednesday night's thrilling landmark win over the Chicago Fire, many are wondering - besides build a stadium (a big besides), what else does FC Cincinnati have to do to be invited to join Major League Soccer.

There's two good from, written in December, which takes a look at each of the candidates, and this SB Nation piece from yesterday which reflects on FCC's US Open Cup win and delves into the club's expansion candidacy

The thing is, no one really seems to know what the MLS's criteria for expansion is.  Is it market size?  Fan engagement levels?  Success on the field?  

Here's what I do know, or at least what I think I know: If MLS doesn't include FC Cincinnati, it's their loss. This club has done everything right, captured the imagination of a large soccer community in this region, and is growing.  We have a great, upward-moving city that has a thirst for sports, and a hunger for winning sports.  FC Cincinnati and the city of Cincinnati would be an asset to Major League Soccer.

If they don't look our way and extend an invite, it's their loss.

3) The Knicks.  I've not had much time to devote to them, which I'm sure you're okay with. I'll keep my remarks brief..

Phil Jackson's departure reminded me of Tommy Tuberville's. At the end of Tubs' time at UC, my enthusiasm for UC football had waned to an all-time low. Same for the end of Phil's time in New York. Like Tubs, it wasn't just the losing with Phil, it was how he often went out of his way to insult my intelligence as a fan. 

They're still the Knicks, with the worst owner in sports. So Phil leaving only solves so much. If there's one thing you can count on in sports,  it's the Knicks doing the wrong things.

The John Calipari thing....I love John Calipari, but I love him in college basketball, because he's great for the sport - one that's driven by big-personality coaches more than any other. I have no idea if he indeed reached out to the Knicks about working for them, and I know that the news of him potentially doing so got him some airtime this morning - during a time when he ordinarily wouldn't be getting any - and I do know that John Calipari loves him some airtime.

(Hey! We gave him some back in November!)

If you remove their dysfunction, they're not starting from a totally bad place.  Sure, for now they're stuck with Carmelo Anthony - who I'd ride it out for a little while longer with to maybe build enough goodwill with to accept a trade while rebuilding some of his value - but they have a rising star in Kirstaps Porzingis, enough cap room to make some roster upgrades, and, well, Phil Jackson is no longer there.

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