The Mo Egger Show For 7/5/17: A Preview.

Pulling double-duty this week....afternoons on ESPN1530, nights on ESPN Radio, with a fill-in spot on Kentucky Sports Radio tomorrow.

Soooo....all the on-air fun has come at the expense of the blog, which might have to be the case this week.

We'll see.

Today's three things would've been...

The return of Homer Bailey.

An email I got about Scooter Gennett.

The crazy insanity of NBA free agency.

And I might have blogged a little about what the long-term plan for Zack Cozart should be, Joey Votto turning down a chance to compete in the Home Run Derby, and my fireworks epiphany.

Fortunately, I do have a radio show today on ESPN1530. It starts at 3:05. Then another on ESPN Radio. It starts at 7:00. It can be heard on ESPN1530. 

Please listen to all seven hours. Thank you.

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