Three Things: I Got All-Star Game Takes. And More.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

I woke up this morning comforted by the fact that if the Reds do not have homefield advantage in the World Series, it won't be because the National League lost the All-Star Game.

1) All-Star Game takes. All-Star Game takes?  Yes, All-Star Game takes. Why not?

*I like the MLB All-Star Game. There's take one.

*I like how Fox presented the MLB All-Star Game.  In fact, I think that mic-ing up an outfielder to chat with the announcers should be a thing. I'm serious about this.  There's take two.

*I like Bryce Harper.  I'm told that I'm not supposed to like Bryce Harper, but I can't help myself.  Dude is fun to watch, is among the finest talents the sport has seen in decades, and seems genuinely interested in promoting baseball and moving it forward.  You'll boo him when he comes to Great American Ballpark this weekend, if you're, you know, at Great American Ballpark this weekend.  You'll be doing that because societal norms tell you that' you're supposed to.  Don't be like them. Be like me. In this case only. There's take three.

*Baseball is home run and strikeout happy.  Two of the three runs in the game were decided by home runs.  There were a lot of strikeouts.  There wasn't much of things like stealing bases, bunting, little-ball, or really, much else.  This is how baseball is played. I don't know if that's good or bad.  I'll watch baseball no matter how it's played.  There's take four.

*Joey Votto only got one at-bat  (correction: he had two plate appearances)  Some on Twitter were mad.  Those people should've voted for him to be the starter.  There's take five.

*I loved this, mainly because somewhere, there's ballplayers from the 70s losing their minds over it.


That's take six.

*Joe Buck didn't mention Zack Cozart's donkey.  That was a disappointment.  There's take seven.

*I have a list of events that I wish Twitter had been around for - OJ's Bronco chase is at the very top of the list - and near the top is the moment when the 2002 All-Star Game ended in a tie.  For symmetry purposes, and as a lover of anarchy, I wanted last night's game to end in a tie.  Twitter would've been awesome.  The takes hot.  The outrage almost real.  Damn you, Robinson Cano for ruining whatever chances I had of this happening.  That's take eight.

End of All-Star takes.

2) Mayweather/McGregor.  I don't particularly care about who wins the boxing match between chronic women-batterer Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.  I'm not that into boxing, nor do I watch much MMA (And if you do, that's awesome.  We don't all have to like the same things). I'll probably watch, mainly because a buddy of mine is having people over that night, there will be adult beverages and people who's company I enjoy.  But the event itself, you know, meh.

The run-up to the event, though? I'm totally in for.  I subscribe to the Dan LeBatard school of wanting my sports to be more like pro wrestling, meaning I want more trash-talk, I want more shade being thrown, and I want more people like LaVar Ball.  

Yesterday, the two fighters held the first of four media events in four days, and it was magical. There's a good recap here, and another one here.  I'm not sure how much of it is actually real, nor do I think their press conferences will have much bearing on the actual outcome of the match, but just as when I watched wrestling as a child I was more into the wrestlers who were better at cutting a promo than working in the ring, I'm all in on watching these two dopes yell and scream for the next six weeks. I want these two guys staging press events every day until the night of the fight. In fact, I want these two guys staging press events every day for the rest of eternity. Someone please make this happen.

3) The Dream Team is coming back. Something called the Olympic Channel is debuting, with something pretty cool...

We live in an endless era of basketball debates—LeBron versus Durant, should you or should you not trust The Process, and is Danny Ainge crazy or crazy like a leprechaun? Here’s the one thing most pro basketball fans can agree on is this: The 1992 United States Olympic Team is the greatest in the history of the sport.

Multiple generations of basketball fans—especially under 25—have likely never watched the team play in full. But you are about to get a great treat if you are a hoops junki

The upcoming Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA, which is launching Saturday on a number of cable systems and streaming services, will air all eight original broadcasts on eight consecutive nights in primetime this August. The games debut on Monday, Aug. 28, at 8 p.m. ET and will culminate with an 11-hour marathon on Labor Day on Sept. 4.

When I graduated from college in 1999, I moved into an apartment in Fairfield.  Two years later, I moved with my wife into a condo in Sharonville. Three years after that, we bought a house, also in Sharonville.  In 2012, a divorce sent me and my things to a downtown apartment.  A year later, I moved into another, bigger apartment, also downtown, this time with the woman who will be wife number two.  She and I purchased a house in the West End in 2014, which is where I'm sitting right now.  

Along the way, I've lost a box of what had to be nearly 100 sporting events from the 80s and 90s on VHS. A bunch of UC NCAA Tournament games. A lot of random NBA Playoff Games. A 1989 Bengals loss to the Vikings on Christmas night.  Games five and seven of the 1991 World Series.  And three original broadcasts of the Dream Team on NBC, including the Gold Medal game.  There's probably also some adult material that I recorded from the Spice Channel in high school.  Anyway, I legitimately have no idea what happened to my collection of VHS tapes, but I assume they're somewhere in the tri-state, last seen in two boxes, one of which had "TAPES" written in black magic marker.  If you've stumbled upon them, let me know. I'll pay.

Also, I plan on watching the Dream Team 25 years later. 

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