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Three Things: Marvin, Be Like Nick.

Every day there are three things. Here are those three things.

I'm a little late because of life, and this will be brief, but what the hell, you know?

1) Be like Nick. This year's College Football Playoff National Championship Game was, like last year's tilt, a classic.  Nick Saban is the greatest college football coach of all-time. And what an insane de facto debut from the Alabama freshman quarterback whose name I don't have time to look up to spell correctly.

There's the basics.

Here's my big attempt to localize what Saban did last night:

I want Marvin to be more like Nick.

Not just in winning often, although that would be nice, but in making the kind of decision that Saban did at halftime, when he benched a quarterback who was last year's SEC Offensive Player of the Year, who 25-2, but who'd struggled mightily in the first half.

He turned to a freshman quarterback who'd barely played with his team down 13-zip against a fast, ferocious defense that looked like it was playing with 13 guys throughout the game's first 30 minutes.

The move, obviously, worked, and so Saban is getting the appropriate treatment today.

But had it not, not only Saban would've been second-guessed forever, but he'd have to deal with the internal fallout from pulling such an accomplished player, but the public questions about what will happen next season as well.

Saban ignored all of that, and made a decision that was based solely on how it'd affect last night's outcome. 

I want Marvin Lewis to do more of that. Make decisions on Sundays without worrying about what the fallout will be on Monday. Saban is secure enough to do that. Marvin should be.

2) It's Teryl Time. Teryl Austin is the new Bengals defensive coordinator. I have no real hard take on this, other than...

*For all of their issues this season, Austin's defense in Detroit last season was very good at getting takeaways, something that's been in short supply here.

*He had a very good defense in 2014.

*He walks into a defensive meeting room that will be populated by Vontaze Burfict, William Jackson, Carl Lawson, Jordan Willis, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, and George Iloka. 

That's not a bad place to start.

3) I went to Pacers/Bucks last night.  Indy played great. Milwaukee didn't. SK got in at garbage time. I took a pic. That is all.

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