Some Stuff: Suarez Is Going On The DL. Will MLS Go Where The People Are?

Hi. I'm Mo Egger. You may remember me as the guy who'd regularly post his thoughts and opinions on his website, often sometime mid-morning, with various degrees of consistency. 

That didn't happen last week, mainly because I hit my usual post-Opening Day blogging lull that I spent the weekend lifting myself out of.  

And it didn't happen this morning, because I had a commitment that was so important, it required me to wear adult clothes.Lucky for you, I took a selfie in said adult clothes...

Now that I've wowed you with my tie selection, let's get to the sports, but not before I thank you for putting up with my shaky work ethic over the past week. Regular blogging resumes tomorrow.


Here's some stuff....

Eugenio Suarez is headed to the disabled list.  His tie-breaking three-run jack on Saturday night might have been the high point of this young season (not that there's many contenders for that title), and his plunking by Jameson Taillon might have been the lowest. 

Eugenio has a fractured thumb, which will surely require a trip to the DL, which means that for weeks, the Reds will be without one of their steadier players, and a guy who seemed to fit perfectly in the second spot in the lineup.

It also means that we're probably gonna see Alex Blandino, and not Nick Senzel, replacing him.

C. Trent Rosecrans breaks down the reasons why we'll see Alex and not Nick, and I'm on board with the thinking.  There's legit service time considerations since, you know, it might be cool to have Senzel in a Reds uniform for as long as possible.  There's also the plan to have Senzel learning how to play second base at AAA, which would get disrupted if he's playing third in the big leagues.  And Blandino, for his part, had a good enough spring to merit serious consideration for making the Opening Day roster.

So yes, calling up Blandino instead of Senzel makes sense.

But if this is what they do - and all signs point to it being exactly what they do - then we have another illustration of how hard Bryan Price's job is.  Chances are, if you compared Senzel and Blandino player for player, you'd conclude that the former is the better player, and this would give the Reds the best possible chance of winning now.

But the Reds aren't in win-now mode, which means that other considerations take priority over winning as many games as possible. 

Which means that Bryan Price's job, which is to win as many games as possible, is compromised just a little bit more.

Which means that it's hard for agree with those who want to hold him directly accountable for the team's losing.

FC Cincinnati outdrew all but two Major League Soccer teams over the weekend, drawing more than 25,000 people for Saturday's loss to Louisville City FC. Of the two MLS teams that had more fans, one played indoors and the other plays in LA, which wasn't freezing on Saturday night.

It was here, but that didn't stop people from flowing through Nippert Stadium's gates on Saturday night. It also didn't keep FC Cincinnati from out-drawing Nashville this weekend by more than 18,00 fans.

I know there's no hard, certain criteria for determining which city should get the new MLS team. I know there's great FC Cincinnati stadium fatigue.  I also know that any good business wants to go where the people are.

On Saturday night, the people here were freezing their faces off at a soccer game. 

Patrick Reed won The Masters. Tiger Woods played The Masters. The first one of those things is fine. 

So is the second.

Simply watching Tiger, and maybe seeing the occasional glimpse of what he once was will, for now, have to be enough.  He's in the MJ-as-a-Wizard stage of his career, where expectations need to be managed, even as we hold out hope for something nostalgic. You have to settle now for being happy that Tiger is playing, and watch him with the understanding that the guy who dominated the sport and brought so many people to it ain't coming back.

But he can still provide a moment or two. He did this weekend, mainly off the tee. Otherwise, his game was usually forgettable, and sometimes as cringe-worthy as you'd expect from someone who was on an operating table 12 months ago.

But at least he played.  That was enough.

Here's some other stuff...

This is the worst possible way for the Cincinnati Reds season to have started. Yup. 

Here's a really good look at the Reds Threads exhibit at the Reds Hall of Fame.

I wrote about having to watch Yovani Gallardo, for The Athletic

This is nerdy, but good...


This is really nerdy, but good. 

I don't think I'm any of these guys!

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