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Some Stuff: The Rush To Judgement Continues.

There was a rally in Columbus yesterday, if you could call a 20-minute gathering of a hundred or so people a rally, and as I read about it a few questions sprang to mind. I'll share them with you, allowing you a chance to answer.

*"There's been a big rush to judgement here."  That's been the outcry of many Ohio State fans lashing out against those who are already demanding that Urban Meyer be removed from his job at OSU.

They're right. 

But aren't those people holding signs, and rallying to support their coach guilty of the same thing? Are they really waiting for all of the facts to emerge?  Are they genuinely interested in the truth? 

*When Urban Meyer released his Friday, late-afternoon newsdump/statement, when he admitted that he indeed knew about the 2015 incident involving Zach Smith, many OSU fans Urban Meyer loyalists told me that it was time to move on, that Meyer's statement should effectively close the book on this story.

Let me ask you this...

If you caught your kid in a lie, and cornered them to the point that they had no choice but to admit to telling the lie, would you close the book, or dig deeper? Wouldn't you wonder what other half-truths, hidden info, and boldface lies still needed to be uncovered?  When someone admits to telling a lie, doesn't it cut into their trustworthiness just a little?  

This is where I am with Urban Meyer.

*Would anyone be rallying outside Ohio Stadium if Urban Meyer had gone 5-7 last year?  

*What do we want from our media?  This is a question I've asked myself time and again as I observe our current political climate. Not everything that you don't like, or serves as something that could raise serious questions about the powerful people you love is "fake news." I want journalists to ask questions, to report, and to hold people accountable when they're full of shit.

I want reporters like Bretty McMurphy. In sports, and otherwise.

Here's some stuff....

*If Robert Stephenson doesn't get the ball tomorrow for the Reds in New York, my beliefs that they're not very high on him and that he's potential trade bait this offseason only get fueled.

Although, I'll probably feel that way even if he does get the start.

*If your first reaction to the Hunter Green/UCL tear news last week was "see, I told you the Reds shouldn't have drafted him," A) You're lying. B) You're insane.

*It was nice to see Vontaze Burfict on the field yesterday. There are few things as important in the season's first month as Burfict doing what he needs to do during his absence from the team to make an impact one he joins it.

*UC's basketball team got curb-stomped by a Canadian team yesterday.  Somewhere, there's a Bearcat fan worried.  If you've come here looking for that fan, you've come to the wrong place.

This year's UC team is going to be a major work in progress, with some clear deficiencies that will have to be addressed (outside shooting, post play on both ends, depth) in the season's early months.  You play these games in August to get a head start on addressing them.

Last night's tilt will end up being a good thing.

I can't say that I'm really bringing the heat this morning, can I?

Here's some other stuff.....

Here's an MMQB Bengals training camp postcard....

My previous stop was in Berea, Ohio, where the Browns have a mobile videoboard at practice on which they can replay the previous play if they want. The Bengals held Family Day at Paul Brown Stadium for their black and white scrimmage and didn’t utilize their two videoboards for replay for the players, coaches and fans. Yes, it was just a practice, but it was as close to a game-like atmosphere as Cincinnati will get this preseason outside of exhibitions, and (while I know this is an extremely small quibble) I expected the Bengals to pay a few part-time camera guys and board people to run it for two hours.

LeBron James does an interview about bicycles

Geeky football stuff, on route trees.

Radio Show: We have live reports from Bengals training camp at 3:42, 4:42, and 5:42. James Rapien takes us into the locker room, we have the Robert Stephenson thing, and yes, some Urban Meyer talk. Lots to get to today at 3:05 on ESPN1530.

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