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Some Stuff: Change The Conversation.

Today's stuff will be brief, as life has gotten in the way today....

“If you don't like what's being said,change the conversation.”

That is a quote from Mad Men's Don Draper. It's a good axiom in sports-talk radio, in sports, and in life.

And it's one that Vontaze Burfict should pay attention to.

There's lots of conversation about the Bengals linebacker. Chances are, he doesn't like the conversation. Many Bengals fans don't either.

It's up to Vontaze to change what's being said.

Joe Mixon has done that. I was opposed to the Bengals drafting him. So were many others. But in the 18 months since Mixon was taken by Cincinnati in the 2017 draft, he's changed much of the conversation from what he did when he punched a girl in the face while at Oklahoma to the prospects for his pro career and the way he can help the team. 

That's a credit to Joe, who's given the looks of a consummate teammate, a hard-worker, and a player willing to give himself to fans, which he's done often after training camp practices.

Now, all we talk about is Mixon's play, and the positives he brings to the team.

Vontaze can do the same thing, starting on Sunday. The Bengals are underdogs against KC, facing a hellacious offense while dealing with depth issues in the secondary.  This game is begging for Vontaze to be a big part of it. It's up to him to determine how big.

If he's making plays, and doing little else, he will have changed the conversation. If he's playing dirty, the conversations will continue.

It's up to him.

Here's some stuff...

*What a great in Houston last night....

What a catch by Madeira's Andrew Benintendi to end it.

Joe West got the first inning interference call correct.

I love baseball. I really, really love good baseball. Last night was good baseball. But good, nine inning baseball can't take  four hours and 33 minutes to play.

*We are right there with the Celtics and Warriors.

Yes, I'm going with "we" with the Knicks this year. I don't know why. Maybe it's because the joy I get from following a team that I don't always have to have a take on. I don't know, but I'm going with it. And even admitting that the Atlanta Hawks are unspeakably bad, "we" were pretty damn good last night. 

*Yuck. Denver (-2.5) over Arizona.

My apologies for making this so brief. We do have a good radio show today on ESPN1530. I hope you listen. 

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