The Bengals' D-coordinator Saga Is Creating Well-Deserved Wariness.

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The​ team​ that can’t do anything​ right that just hired​ the coach who, well,​ has​ never really​ done​ anything,​​ has entered the second half of February still needing a defensive coordinator.

These are grossly unfair broad strokes I’m painting with, of course. The Bengals, not long ago, made the playoffs five years in a row. Zac Taylor has not only stood on an NFL sideline wearing team-issued gear but he also didn’t become legal until after the ’90s were over, which in today’s pro football seems like it’s enough to at least earn someone a head coaching interview.

I’m right about the defensive coordinator part though. The Bengals’ search for someone, anyone to run their defense has dragged into the third weekend of February after a series of coaches came and left without taking – or getting – the job.

By the time you read this, the Bengals very well may have a defensive coordinator, which is great. I’ve become brainwashed after a lifetime of listening to football coaches and the people who cover them glorify the 23-hour-day/363 days per year demands that coaches must meet just to get by. That makes me think having a defensive coordinator in the weeks leading up to the scouting combine and the beginning of free agency would be a good thing.

But as I bang away at my keyboard, the Bengals have no D-Coordinator.

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