Why Is There Such An Uptick In 911 Calls When The Bengals Are At Home?

Do you what you want with this study from Deadspin.com....

On a percentage basis, the undisputed kings of game-day emergencies are certainly the Cincinnati Bengals. When theWho Deyplay, emergency calls in the normally-quiet downtown districts of the Queen City spike an astounding 50-100 percent while the rest of the city is unperturbed. That includes dozens of drug stops, plenty of disorderly conduct, and even 32 cases of assault.

The Reds cause no such mayhem, so this has less to do with Cincinnati generally and more with the Bengals specifically. Maybe they’re taking the pain of rooting for a perpetually losing but never-changing outfit out on each other. Maybe they’re inspired by a roster thatregularly hostscriminals. Maybe they’re mad that Marvin Lewis was the head coach for so long. Whatever the reasoning, Bengals home games increase the number of 911 calls in Cincinnati by 10 percent across the entire city.

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