Xavier 75 Creighton 69
*Heeeeeere come the Musketeers
*Cintas record 10,483
*XU consecutive impressive wins, St John's, #9 Creighton, pushing them away from bubble
*20-9/10-6....8th 20 win season last 9, 16 last 18
*1st win over Top 10 since beating #8 IU in 2007
*XU kept responding to adversity. 2nd H, up 12, cut to 3, up 9, cut to 5 late
*Did it with D...17 points off turnovers...Chris Mack called Creighton the best offensive team he's ever scouted, in the postgame on 55 KRC.
*Shot it well: 50% + 9 of 16 3's (56%)
*How about Justin Martin? 39 minutes/19 points/16 rebounds and chased McDermott around
*Christon 40 minutes/21 points/4 steaks, Dee Davis 15 points, 4-4 3's, 5 assists
*Reynolds 6 points/9 rebounds and 22 minutes...Mack said fans should be excited that Jalen has earned Mack's trust to play in moments he's playing 
*11th time XU has put at least 3 in double figures
*McDermott got his, 27, but was only Creighton player in double digits
*I asked asked Dave Stubenrauch, aka Statman, last time XU got 16+ rebounds from players in consecutive games. He says Sato/West in 2000
*Danger: Quick turnaround, 7pm Monday, at Seton Hall
*Caught all of Joe and Bryon's call on way back from Columbus, love listening to those guys.

 How about my guy? He did it again! Unreal!


Connecticut 51 Cincinnati 45
*24-5/13-3...tied for American lead with UL, back to back losses, 2-3 last 5
*I watched it on DVR last night, yes, it was a painful as it appeared on Twitter during the game
*Teddy Valentine's 'step to' Mick Cronin should result in at least a public reprimand, if not a suspension
*Mick's tirade that followed was out of control, credit his players for keeping him around. I'd assume Mick wasn't ejected because Valentine knew he was wrong. 
*Remaining schedule:
UC: home Memphis, at Rutgers
UL: at SMU, home UConn
*All 5 of UC's losses have come on  Saturday's this year
*This is called settling: I've maintained UC was not 7th best team in country. They are more likely between 15th-20th best, and that's not a bad thing.
*Woeful offense: 27% FG, 30% 3PT, 62% FT
*Turned it over 20 times, UConn turned into 20 points
*Held UConn to 31% FG, 51 points, 15 FG, out rebounded them by 14...and lost?
*SK struggled: 4 of 16, 7 turnovers. This year: 44% wins/31% losses
*Justin was a zero: 0-3 FG, 3 points, 4 fouls, 3 turnovers, 1 block, 24 minutes
*Felt like they were down 20, still had a shot in final minute, down 4 :36



South Carolina 71 Kentucky 67
*21-8/11-5...first time losing back to back games this year
*How many preseason#1's have fallen out of Top 25?
*It's like Sam LeCure told me about the '13 Reds, "I got tired of people talking about making a run, we never made one." Feels like this UK season
*Cal got tossed with about 10-minutes left and did not talk to media afterwards
*Fascinating to follow Twitter reaction from fans, towards the players, and seeing the former players rally to the defense of current players
*Down 16, they rallied to cut to 1 in final seconds, after scoring six points in six seconds
*UK shot 42 FT's, hitting 33
*UK hit just 27% on FG...Andrew Harrison 21, but 4 of 16, Poythress 1 of 7
*Randle had 1-/15, but only 1 FG on 7 FGA
*James Young's shot selection/decision making makes me scratch my head
*Other than UL, who has UK beaten?