Mo Egger

O.G. Blog: Just The Guesses, Man.

It's Legends Weekend????

I Can't Believe They Won!

Mo Egger

I host the afternoon show on ESPN1530, and various other shows on 700WLW. I also work on UC football and basketball broadcasts, and I contribute to Reds and Bengals network programming. You can also hear me nationally on ESPN Radio.My favorite places are the GABP Moon Deck, Section 346 at Paul Brown Stadium, and wherever the Bearcats are playing.I'm a fan of the Bearcats, Reds, Bengals, Knicks, UD Flyers, and the Blue Jackets. If your team isn't listed, that doesn't mean that I root against them. Unless it's the Steelers. Cold beer, Springsteen, good company, unhealthy food, my two pets, and my girlfriend round out the list of things I like. I'm a graduate of Scott High School and the University of Dayton, and I'm a very good dancer.

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