It seems like since I was a kid, I've been hearing about how soccer was the country's fastest-growing sport.  In the last three decades, it's grown from a sport on the fringe of the American sports landscape to front-page and mainstream.  There's more US interest in soccer as a spectator sport than ever before, and it's obviously still played by millions of kids and adults.

Admittedly, I'm late to the party.  I never played soccer as a kid and up until a few years ago, rarely watched or cared about the sport.  But I've come to be more open-minded to new things, and I've given sports I was once closed-minded about a chance to win me over.

While it will never appeal to me as much as football, basketball, or baseball, I've actually started watching soccer.

And I'm now genuinely excited about the World Cup.

Still though, I'd never played until last week.  We called the Cincinnati Saints to see if I could practice with them and they were gracious enough to let me join them.

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