Lacrosse Team Sings 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' During Halftime Sing-Along


A Canadian lacrosse team has joined the controversy surrounding the popular Christmas carol "Baby, It's Cold Outside" after singing it with their fans during halftime of a recent game. The Saskatchewan Rush came out on the field holding newspapers with the headline "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and asked the crowd to join them as they belted out the tune. 

The team shared photos of the halftime sing-along on Facebook, which sparked a strong reaction from people online. Most of the comments were positive, with many people replying with GIFs showing their support for the song choice. One person applauded the team "for having the courage to make a stand and remind people that it is just a fun old song."

Not everybody was happy with the tune though. One commenter said that the lyrics make her "a tad queasy" and accused the team of "mocking the people who stood up to say, hey, this song seems a little creepy, especially given the current political climate."

The team's owner, Bruce Urban, told the Calgary Herald that choosing the “flirtatious, fun Christmas song" was his idea. 

“For those people who are sensitive, I get it. I’m all for a movement that talks about proper and equal rights for men and women… but we need to keep in the limits and not get carried away as well,” he said.

Photo: Facebook/SaskRush


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