Neighbor's Complaint Forces Family To Remove Hockey Rink From Their Yard


A family from Ontario, Canada is being forced to tear down an ice rink they built in their front yard after a neighbor complained to local officials. Cory Cosgrove has been building the outdoor rink for the past few years to give his daughters and their friends a place to play hockey during the winter. 

It appears that one of his neighbors has had enough of the annual tradition, and as a result, Cosgrove has to demolish the rink. After the neighbor complained, a city inspector showed up and told him that the boards were technically on city property so Cosgrove moved them in. Unfortunately, that was not enough to keep his neighbor happy and the inspector said the entire rink has to go.

“They say there’s not much they can do as far as having a slab of ice on your front yard for the kids to play on, but the structure itself is the issue,” Cosgrove told CTV Ottawa.

When Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson heard about the story, he said that he has "asked senior staff to review this" and hopes that he can "solve this so-called problem!"

I have asked senior staff to review this.  We are a hockey nation and what can be wrong with playing hockey in your own backyard? I hope to have more information tomorrow to solve this so called problem!



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