Pro Surfer Pulls Off Nearly Impossible 'Houdini Tube Ride'


Kelly Slater is known as one of the greatest pro surfers of his generation and showed why he deserves all the accolades when he pulled off a nearly impossible trick, known as the "Houdini Tube Ride," during the Billabong Pipe Masters in Hawaii. Slater was riding inside a wave when he fell off his board but somehow managed to get back on and finish riding the wave.

Surfer Today dissected the crazy trick, which left the crowd both stunned and impressed. 

The 11-time world surfing champion sat underneath the ledge for a super late drop, went through the early barreling section, fell off, grabbed his board mid-flight, pulled it back underneath him, bodyboarded the wave for a second, got back up onto the surfboard and stood back up inside the barrel.

"Well, that was interesting. I thought I just fell straight onto my belly and bodyboarded out. I didn't realize I had to grab for it! Haha! Hope I did Mike Stewart and Mark Cunningham proud! Fun day!" said Slater.

Kelly earned a score of 3.08 for the miraculous trick and would go on to defeat Filipe Toledo in the heat. Slater was later defeated by Julian Wilson in the semifinals. 

Photo: Getty Images


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