New Orleans Throws Huge Party Boycotting Super Bowl LIII

New Orleans threw a better super bowl party than the NFL

New Orleans threw a better super bowl party than the NFL

There's was no such thing as Super Bowl LIII in New Orleans on Sunday.

Saints fans who were still feeling the sting from a blown call two weeks ago, channeled their rage into a giant party during the Super Bowl - and it looks like they had more fun than the rest of the nation who were stuck watching the lowest-scoring game in history.

An enormous crowd of people decked out in black and gold turned out for the #BoycottBowl hosted yesterday in New Orleans. The anti-Super Bowl party was created in an attempt to help Saints fans mourn the team's missed chance at Super Bowl glory and bringing home the Lombardi trophy. The massive second line procession through the French Quarter was only part of the festivities that also included a sold-out music concert featuring more than a dozen artists.

Instead of Super Bowl LIII, many bars throughout the city eschewed the big game, choosing instead to replay the Saints' victory in Super Bowl XLIV or even shutting them off entirely.

"New Orleanians get funnier, sarcastic and sometimes a little petty when things don't go their way, particularly when it comes to football," one of the organizers a boycott event said on Twitter.

The long low-scoring slog through Super Bowl LIII was a defensive-heavy game that didn't feature a touchdown until the final quarter of the game.

Even the Times-Picayune couldn't help but get in on the Super Bowl LIII bashing, printing a cover that perfectly encapsulated New Orleans residents' feelings about Sunday's game.

"Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?"

The Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in Atlanta Sunday, beating the Rams 13-3.

Not that anyone in New Orleans noticed.

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