WATCH: Football Fans Catch Falling Cat In An American Flag

A group of Miami Hurricanes fans saved a cat that fell from the upper deck. The cat made its way into Hard Rock Stadium and was roaming around a railing when it lost its footing and got caught on the facing of the upper deck.

The cat desperately dangled 20-30 feet above the ground as the crowd tried to help. While nobody on the upper deck was able to pull the cat to safety, some fans on the lower deck grabbed an American flag and stretched it out underneath the cat.

"They were trying to grab it from above, and they couldn't reach it, but they were scaring it downward," Craig Cromer told WTVJ. "It hung there for a little while with its two front paws, then one paw, then I was like, 'Oh my goodness, it's coming soon.'"

When the terrified cat lost its grip and fell, it miraculously landed right in the American flag. The crowd erupted into cheers when the cat landed safely.

The cat tried to scurry away but was picked up by a student and handed it over to a security guard. Officials have not said how the cat got into the stadium or what they did with the feline after it was captured.

Hard Rock Stadium thanked the fans for their quick thinking and said they have made a donation to the Humane Society in Miami.

"We are happy that due to the heads up nature of fans in sections 107, 110 & 208 the cat landed safely after a harrowing fall. We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives. We have made a donation to @humanemiami and encourage fans to do so.," the stadium tweeted.

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