Where To Find The Best Hot Dog In Ohio

Asian hot dog, fried sausage, spicy chinese cabbage, hot chili sauce, spring onions, cress, bun

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Frankfurter, weenie, hot dog — whatever you chose to call it. The fact of the matter is Americans eat approximately seven billion hot dogs just between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to National Hot Dog and Sausage Council President Eric Mittenthal. With such a high demand, hot dog joints come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, from carts to brick-and-mortar buildings. But all hot dogs and hot dog joints are not created equal. We're here to help you find the best sausage served on a sliced bun in your state.

Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of all the best hot dog joints across the United States. They named Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus as the place to get the best hot dog in Ohio. Here's what they had to say about it:

When in Ohio, you can't beat the hot dogs at Dirty Frank's, a joint with a dive bar atmosphere that stays open late (so if you're craving a dog after a night of bar hopping, you know where to go). Dirty Frank's uses Vienna beef frankfurters, but there are also vegetarian and vegan options. And if toppings are your favorite part, hold on to your hat—there are over 50 topping options ranging from mango chutney to crushed Fritos.

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