This Is The Best Fireworks Show In Ohio

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What is the first thing that you think of when considering the Fourth of July? One of the oldest Fourth of July traditions is to set off fireworks throughout the night sky in celebration of the holiday. Each state holds various firework shows that span throughout the weekend. Though there are many opportunities to catch a firework show with your family and friends, there is only one place in the state that does it better than the rest.

According to a list compiled by PureWow, the best firework show in all of Ohio can be found in Cleveland at a special event titled, "Light Up The Lake". PureWow shared that the best places to view the fireworks from are the Port Of Cleveland's Dock 20, Flat East Bank, the North Coast Harbor, and more!

Here is what PureWow had to say about the best firework show in the state:

"Cleveland’s “Light Up the Lake” is back again and in spectacular fashion. Revelers can see the striking display from numerous locations—namely Port of Cleveland’s Dock 20, Flats West Bank, Flat East Bank and North Coast Harbor."

For more information regarding the best firework shows and displays in each state, visit HERE.

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