ESPN1530 On Demand: The Bye Week Edition Of The Tony And Mo Football Show

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On the bye week edition of the Tony and Mo Football Show...

*If a bye week can poorly, it did for the Bengals. Each of the three AFC North teams that played, won.

*Thoughts from the list of stuff jotted down while watching football for 11 and a half hours.

*A guy the Bengals could trade for, a team that made the kind of trade the Bengals could make, and a trade that was reported during our show.

*UC lost again. Is 2-10 on the table? How bad might it get?

*Should the NFL ban the "tush push" play?

*Looking ahead to the 49ers (before the 49ers lost to Minnesota on Monday night)

*Lol Jim Harbaugh, but seriously, why shouldn't college football programs be allowed to send scouts to games?

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