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Joe Burrow is out for the rest of the season, so what now?

This week, we discussed everything that went down last Thursday in Baltimore, including the mechanics of Joe's injury, how Jake Browning filled in, and why the Begals as a team looked so unprepared for such a big game.

There's the silly Burrow/injury report story, a bunch of bad ridiculous Logan Wilson takes, and how the Bengals keep making changes to the offensive line, but Frank Pollack keeps getting crummy results.


How do the Bengals proceed with Browning? How many games can they still win? Can they beat Pittsburgh? Shouldn't they beat Pittsburgh.

Dr. Jonathan Slaughter from OrthoCincy discussed what's ahead for Burrow, whether the start of his 2024 is in doubt, and whether he should fairly wear the "injury prone" label.

And right when we were supposed to talk about UC's loss on Saturday, we got some awesome basketball news.

Then the show ended.

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